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'Ladybugs in Bloom' Painting Pack

'Ladybugs in Bloom' Painting Pack

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What's in the Box:

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Dip your toes (and brushes) into artsy mayhem! Tailor-made for beginners just like you, ready to rock a canvas debut 🎨🤘No judgement, no pressure. Just good times and a splash of colour 🌈

Painting Pack Goodies - Revealed

We've got the gear to help you paint like Picasso:

  • 2 x Brushes
  • 1 x Canvas (30x40cm)
  • 1 x Paint Set
  • 1 x Step by Step Instructions
  • 1 x Video Link QR code
  • 1 x Traceable stencil
  • 1 x Palette
  • 1 x Pencil

NOTE: If you've selected a Bundle of 2 or more, more than 1 pack will be in a single box. To get single boxes for each person, select 'No Bundles' and increase the Quantity selector to the number of attendees.

"I can't paint..."

Oh, darling! Saying "I can't paint" is like saying pizza isn't delicious - unfounded, untrue (and a little upsetting to hear). With our magical toolkit, we'll have you painting like a rockstar faster than you can say "Van Gogh". Embrace the chaos, flick a cheeky wink at that self-doubt and let those brushes dance across the canvas.

"I haven't got all long does it take?"

Alright, buckle up for an artistic joyride! Our masterpieces are crafted for a thrilling 2-3 hour escapade. Want to add extra flair? Go for it! Whether you're speeding through or savoring every stroke, rest assured – these creations are designed to be conquered in a single, 'time-flies-when-you're-painting' sitting. 🎨⏰

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  • What You'll Receive

    1 x Step-by-step Instructions

    1 x A3 Stencil to trace

    1 x 30cm x 40cm canvas

    1 x Set of paints

    1 x round brush

    1 x flat brush

    1 x pencil

    1 x palette

    Video Streaming Link with LIFETIME access (Your video can be streamed on any device with an internet connection.)

  • What You'll Need

    Tablecloth to protect your surface

    An old tea towel or hand towels

    An old cup or jar for your water

  • Delivery

    We're on dispatch duty from our South Coast NSW warehouse! 🚛 To manage stock, we're staggering dispatch dates. Your order will go out on schedule. Thanks for your patience!

    Delivery takes 2-10 business days. Australia Post may add delays, especially from October to December. Check here: Australia Post Delivery Times.

    Your video is a QR code in your instructions—scan and enjoy!

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What's so Great About Party in a Paint Box?

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Some of Our Favourite Parties with You

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More Qs? We Get These A Lot.

Is this Painting by Numbers?

Not a chance! No 'painting by numbers' in our realm - your artwork will be a one-of-a-kind, just like you. But fret not! We're all about beginners and 'non artists' here. So even if your best attempt at art is a bad stick figure, we've got you covered!

Where are these ACTUALLY shipped from?

We're on dispatch duty from our South Coast NSW warehouse, with limited space on the allocated shipping days available to keep things running smoothly! 🚛 To give our packing team a breather and manage stock levels, we're staggering our dispatch dates. While we can't ship sooner, we're committed to ensuring your order goes out on your scheduled day. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Do you run classes?

We ditched the old-school paint and sip classes because, let's be real, it's way more fun for you to unleash your creativity wherever you please! Our packs are your ticket to crafting the ultimate paint and sip experience – all from the comfort of home or any spot you fancy!

Traditional classes, who? Dive in and snag a pack for yourself! 🎨🍷