Our Art-Fueled Mission

At Party in a Paint Box we’ve cracked the code to turning your living room into the wildest art studio / party zone ever. We’re not saying we’re the Da Vinci of home entertainment, but we’re definitely up there with the Michelangelos of mess. 

Picture this: you, a canvas, a brush and a glass of something that tastes like rebellion (like, wine). Our Painting Packs are like a secret society of amateur artists. Think of it as joining the ranks of the creatively uninhibited, where “colouring outside the lines” isn’t a mistake, it’s a lifestyle.

Whether you’re a seasoned Picasso or you’re convinced that stick figures will make a comeback one day, let's have a night in at your place - painting, sipping and a whole lot of cheeky chaos. 

Break all the rules with us, one brushstroke at a time. 

Because Life’s Already Messy.

So let’s at least make it colourful.

WARNING: Side effects may include excessive laughter, questionable artistic choices and a sudden urge to redecorate your space with your new masterpieces.