Paint & Sip Squad

Become an Ambassador

We LOVE our growing community and after so many queries about this we're opening up our first and extremely exclusive intake of Party in a Paint Box Ambassadors - our Paint & Sip Squad!

Our Waitlist is now open.

As a Member of our Paint & Sip Squad, you'll enjoy a bunch of perks, including:

Deeper discounts on core products

Exclusive Competitions and access to great prizes

Free Gifts

First access to new releases

Commissions on referral sales

The Nitty Gritty

eligibility criteria

1. You must be an existing customer - we want our ambassadors to be authentic and real so we want you to have had a taste of our brand as a customer first.

2. Passion > Followers - we DON'T CARE how many followers you have. We'd rather have a passionate member of our squad with 3 followers than an influencer with a million followers who doesn't care.

3. Content Creation - either 2 x 15 sec videos (edited) OR 10 high quality images per month