How to Host a Virtual Painting Party with Friends

Times are tough and getting together with friends and family is proving to be a challenge these days. While we're all about the party here at PPB, we always want to make sure we're putting our collective health first! So here's a little guide if you want to connect with your loved ones and do something seriously fun at the same time!

1. Make a plan

First thing's first, who's coming to your online party and when are you having it? Make sure you give yourself enough time to organise the paintings (our turnaround times are 1-3 days + shipping, but remember COVID-19 can cause shipping and even occasionally packing delays.)  

2. The same painting or all different?

Decide amongst yourselves if you want to all paint the same thing or not. The benefit of having a painting party like this is you can all paint different artworks as the instructions guide you along the whole way without the need for an instructor. But if you do paint the same thing, you get to compare all your different interpretations of the same artwork. Tough choice! 

3. Order your party packs

Jump online and order all your packs. Remember, if you want them going to different addresses, you'll need to place each order separately. Shop Party Packs here.

4. Pick your online platform

There are so many to choose from these days - Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet are the most popular for this. Pick the one that suits your group best and send a link to everyone so you're ready for the big event.

5. Check your package when it arrives

Make sure you check your package before the big night. It doesn't happen often, but if anything has been damaged in transit, we can work to rectify it for you before your event!

6. Party day - set up your space

- Lay down a tablecloth on your work surface to avoid any paint getting on your furniture.

- Pick some clothes you don't mind getting a little paint on (or wear a smock / apron).

- Fill an old cup or jar with water for your paint and pop your paint brushes in to dampen them.

- If you don't have an artist's palette, use a disposable plate or a dinner plate with some cling wrap over it for your palette.

- Grab an old tea towel or some paper towels to dab your paint brushes on. (If using a tea towel, it won't be suitable for the kitchen after this!)

- Set your canvas up either on an easel (if you have one) or laying flat on your tablecloth. Either is completely fine!

- Find a suitable spot for your device so you can see and chat with your other party guests. 

7. Time to paint!

Login to your party and get painting! Remember the whole point is to connect with your loved ones, so don't get too hung up on making sure your artwork is perfect. It's a party, not a lecture, after all! If you are 

8. Send us a photo!

We LOVE seeing what you guys create so don't forget to capture the event and send us a photo for a chance to be featured on our socials!