Accessing your Digital Files

Accessing your content straight from the order confirmation

Once you have ordered your digital content, your confirmation page will have an 'Access Content' button. 

You may reach a page that says 'You must be logged in' - go ahead and log in or create a new account. This is so all your digital purchases can be saved in the same place for easy access.

 Once you login, you'll be directed straight into the details of your order and your page should look like the below. Then all you need to do is download the PDF stencil and click Play on your video!

Accessing your content at a later date

Login to your account (or create an account using the same email as your order). Click on the 'My Account' link in the top right corner of the page to see your account details. All your orders will be listed here. Click on the 'My Downloadable Files' button.

This will take you to Your Library where all your files are kept. They'll be labelled as the product name so we've included some other examples here to show how they may look. We'll click on the order in our example - the Palm O Llama Digital Pack.

 We end up on the same page as before, ready to download the PDF and play the video.